Week 7

  • Presentation
  • Interview subjects
    • Share your short-list of domain experts and choose one or two to send an initial email to

Quantitative Analysis: Round 1

  • Present results of your exploratory visualizations and the research questions you arrived at
  • Work in pairs to choose which of the ‘stock’ visualizations are pointing in an interesting direction and begin pencil sketching ideas for a single poster that communicates one or (ideally) many of the results you've uncovered


  • Contact your interview subject
    • Arrange to talk in person if at all possible, but also offer to talk over the phone/skype/hangouts/etc.
    • Let them know what you’re studying and what you’d like to discuss with them/why they’re on your radar
    • Reassure them that it’ll only take 20–30 minutes
    • Offer to share written questions ahead of time upon request
    • Let them know you need to have completed the interview by March 26th
  • Quantitative Analysis: Round 2
    • Continue iterating on the design you started sketching in class today
    • Collect/clean whatever data was missing or incomplete—the final version must not be using any ‘placeholder data’.
    • Design a single 11×17" poster visualizing your chosen dataset(s) and incorporating a line of text that either makes the claim you brought in today or otherwise situates us to understand the context the graphic operates in.
    • Somewhere on the poster include a note identifying your data source.
    • Print your final 11x17 visualization and bring it to class.
    • Create a new blog post that describes your process. As before, you should explain: What is the topic? What is the data set? What are the visual decisions you made? What were the original sketches and iterations.
    • Use the tag “quantitative” when publishing your post.
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