Week 8

Quantitative Analysis: Round 2


  • Conduct your interview
    • Create a transcript (consider uploading your recording to Youtube and copy/pasting its automatic transcription from the "…" menu)
    • Place the transcript in a file called interview.md in your student directory of the course repository
  • Thesis: Introduction & Background
    • Write the first half of your thesis (≈5,000 words for MS2, 2,000 for MS1) providing an introduction for a general (but interested) audience to your problem domain. Consult the “Writing Your Argument” chapters of The Craft of Research as you walk the reader through the necessary context to understand your approach and be sure to provide cues as what you expect to find once you’ve completed your project.
    • Describe the phenomenon you’ve been researching, introducing the primary causal factors as you understand them and identifying places where your topic interfaces with the broader world and individual readers’ experience of it.
    • Provide examples of previous research into this topic (graphical or otherwise) and include a minimum of 10 citations (5 for MS1) to books, articles, artworks, lectures, videos, etc. Be sure to use these citations as a means of illustrating the points you are making—don't just dump them out as a context-free bulleted list.
    • Include a bibliography itemizing all the citations you referenced as well as any additional ones that are noteworthy but haven't been incorporated into the text yet. Use Chicago Manual of Style formatting for both the references and the bibliography.
    • Use these example theses from previous years as a reference for format, style, and length.
    • Save two copies of your document manuscript to the repository—one in the editable format of your chosing (Word, Pages, Markdown, LaTeX), and another as a printable PDF. Title both of these files introduction (with a .pdf extension for one and whatever other file extension is appropriate for the other).
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