Week 6

Qualitative → Quantitative


  • Quantitative Analysis: Round 1
    • Before ‘designing’ anything, we will be using exploratory visualizations of real, quantitative data to find an initial set of patterns and phenomena of interest.
    • For next week you will create at least five graphics using off the shelf tools such as Google Sheets, D3, Tableau, etc. to plot different variables against one another.
    • Each chart must be making a different comparison: either using an entirely distinct dataset from the others, or at least a different combination of columns from a common table.
    • If you can’t decide whether something should be, for instance, a bar chart vs line graph, please plot both of them but realize that all these views of the same subset of the data only count as a single ‘graphic’ toward the required five.
    • For each graphic, add a headline phrased as a claim for which the graphic provides evidence.
    • Create a blog post that links to ‘live’ versions of the spreadsheets, web pages, etc. where you’ve created your charts and/or to the csv or json files containing your data. Use the tag “quantitative” when publishing your post.
    • Print a single 11×17" page with all your charts and headlines on it (but again, don’t worry about ‘designing’ it per se) and bring this to class.
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