Week 5

Qualitative Analysis: Round 1

  • Silent feedback: Walk around the room for ≈20 minutes and leave at least 1 ‘formal’ and 1 ‘conceptual’ sticky note on each classmate’s group of posters
  • Brief critique of posters and identification of a single direction to develop for next week


  • Select an interview subject
    • For the interview portion of your written thesis you will be meeting with a domain expert and recording/transcribing your conversation. Two factors will govern your selection: the potential utility of the person to your understanding of the topic and their availability. As a result it’s important to cast a wide net—at least to start.
    • Make a list of 5 people you’d be interested in talking to and save it to the git repo in a file called experts.md. For each person in the list, include their name, a one sentence description of who they are/what they have to offer, and a link to their web presence. Sort the list so the people you’re most interested in talking to are at the top.
  • Qualitative Analysis
    • Pick the best of the directions you showed today.
    • React to feedback in regards to how it communicates, how the qualitative data is visualized, typography, color, form.
    • Add any missing data you didn't have so far
    • Print your final 11x17 visualization and bring it to class
    • Create a new blog post that describes your process. It should answer these questions: What is the topic? What is the data set? What are the visual decisions you made? What were the original sketches and iterations. Use the tag “qualitative” when publishing your post.
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