Week 4

  • Research Projects
    • You will each be responsible for researching a designer or artist and presenting your findings
    • Please choose a research subject from this list and sign up for a time slot in this spreadsheet.

Presentations: Topics & Precedents

  • You will have 10 minutes apiece to bring us up to speed on the topics you’ve been exploring and identify a few of the project ideas you’re considering


  • Reading
  • Qualitative Analysis
    • Pick one of your Topic + Question + Significance that is suitable for a qualitative project. Research what data is available and try to acquire it. Create 3 detailed static visualizations for the format of 11x17" and bring them to class. These designs are not final, but should be fairly far developed already. We will judge topic, concept, visualization, color and typography. Make sure to label each one. You can work in Illustrator or other graphic software or in code. Speak to what data is available and how you're using it.
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