Qualitative Assignment

Attached is my revised qualitative poster.

The purpose of the poster is to illustrate text quotes from sports autobiographies grouped by metaphor into 5 main categories (with 3 sub-categories in each). The main categories have been converted into questions to increase the intuitive perception for the viewer. The quotes that appear on this poster are mock-ups as the actual output depends on coding work that needs to be done. Thus, the "data" is only illustrative.

The poster uses color and visual cues (in the form of puzzle pieces) to differentiate between the categories, yet keep them together as a whole (to instill a single body of work, that of the autobiography). The exact positioning and typography is a whimsical art decision, to make it visually appealing and unique.

The feedback from the first version was that the comments are what makes the poster interesting so I decided to splatter them all over. I omitted putting any charts except a scoreboard to count the number of quotes for each category (although the viewer can count the quotes as well). So the scoreboard is just for summary purposes. The poster can probably exist even without it.

The earlier iterations had two differences from this final version: 1) white space, as I like minimalism and 2) quantitative charts, as I cannot imagine publishing anything without a data summary on it.

I do not consider this to be an improvement but it is just a different form of presentation.

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