exploratory quantitative viz


image of what i'm presenting in class here.

bar and line graphs are made and styled inside illustrator, so check them out in that link above.

graphs from r analyses in my markdown here.


i'm using songkick's api, and, according to their terms + conditions, i cannot post the tour data publicly. i do have it for all the bands i've mentioned. you can ask me, and i'll show you on my laptop. i'd also post my python notebook where i pre-process the data, but it has my auth token. i'm just not in the mood to get sued by songkick. :-(

here's where i manually went through every one of the 1975's instagram photos and tagged them to contain photos of the band or not.

you can find my r image analyses (along with those graphs mentioned above) in my markdown here, again. (shout out to my co-worker for helping me out with some starter code.)

and here's the 1975's instagram.

(ps: i should probably have noted earlier that not everything the 1975 puts out in the world is SFW. their instagram is fine, but their videos are not always. dive in at your own risk, and if you want to ask me about what's particularly NSFW, i can definitely let you know, considering i've devoted years of my life to studying them. go figure.)

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